The Best Tips On Intelligent Fashion 2018 Tactics

Real-world Plans Considered

Meet the online store showcasing independent jewellery designers

Meet the online store showcasing independent jewellery designers Despite its recent launch, The Spirit of Boho already boasts an impressive offering of local and international jewellery designers. A curated range of uniquely crafted pieces fills the online store, from the likes of By Charlotte, Wanderlust + Co, Pastiche and more. Its mission is to offer minimalist, delicate designs, while showcasing some of the industrys best independent labels. Among the collection, youll find ethically-sourced diamond necklaces, white topaz bracelets and 18K gold hoop earrings, to name a few. Check out offering online here , and receive 10% off when you use the code FJ10. FILL IN YOUR DEETS SO WE CAN KEEP YOU IN THE LOOP

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